Registration for the 2018 Summer Camp Series in Anchorage is now full! 
You can register for just one day or for more than one day throughout the summer.
​To register please click on the registration form link below.
​Tuition is $75 per day and there is some tuition assistance available.
Tuition can be paid using the Paypal link below or you can mail us a check.

A comment about taxes... according to the IRS, any tuition your family pays is not a tax-deductible charitable contribution, nor is any merchandise you purchase from us. However, ALL other donations made to our organization ARE tax-deductible.
Thank you!!
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​June 5:  Girls 13-18 yrs old

June 6:  Girls 9-12 yrs old

June 12:  Girls 6-9 yrs old

June 13:  Girls 13-18 yrs old

June 19:  Girls 9-12 yrs old

June 20:  All kids 6-9 yrs old

June 26:  All kids 10-13 yrs old

June 27:  All kids 14-17 yrs old 

The 2018 dates are set and we have made a few changes this year! We will be having a series of one-day "mini-camps" throughout the summer rather than doing a full-week camp. You can register for just one, or for many days throughout the summer! Also, we are now open to ages 6-18, instead of just 8-18. There are also certain program days this summer that are open to all kids, and not just girls, so check below for all the details! A Rock Camp day is a fun, intense opportunity for kids ages 6-18 to learn a new musical instrument, hone existing skills, receive small group instruction on their instrument, form bands with other campers, write an original song, record that song and engage in discussions about empowerment, the music industry and social justice issues. All in one day! It is a life changing experience at a time when access to music instruments and the opportunity to play them is limited. Campers benefit from the instruments and education we provide as well as the camaraderie that is formed amongst the campers themselves!

Summer Rock Camp Series

​July 10:  Girls 6-9 yrs old

July 11:  Girls 9-12 yrs old

July 17:  Girls 13-18 yrs old

July 18:  All kids 8-12 yrs old

Aug 7:  Girls 13-18 yrs old

Aug 8:  Girls 9-12 yrs old

Aug 14:  All kids 10-13 yrs old

Aug 15:  All kids 6-9 yrs old 

Listen to the recordings below from our '16 and '17 Anchorage Camps.

“Rock Camp is a place where kids feel like they fit in, which doesn’t happen very often.”              - a 14 yr old camper 

​​GRCA is Alaska's first Rock Camp for Girls! We are a 501(c)3 Federal Nonprofit Corporation empowering a diverse group of campers through music education and performance. We are a registered business and charity with the state of Alaska and we look forward to bringing rock camp programming to many more of our Alaskan communities!

Mailing Address: Po box 231232, Anchorage AK 99523

Executive Director: ​

“It is such an amazing thing to be part of a movement that is empowering the next generation of women to be better to each other AND to be better to themselves.”                     - a 2nd year teacher

Registration for the 2018 Summer Camp season 

is now full!!!

What a great success!

One-day camps in
June, July, August 2018
Camp ​Location: GRCA Studio on Huffman Rd.​

More info about camp: Camp is taught in small groups of 4-10 campers per day. There will always be 1-2 teachers with the group and all adults receive background checks. Camp starts promptly at 10 am and ends at 3 pm. Camp is held in our studio near the corner of Huffman and Birch.

 Anchorage Showcase

June 2016, Wendy Williamson Auditorium

Parents are welcome to come inside for a couple minutes when they drop their campers off between 9:40-10 am. However, we ask that parents do not stay to observe any portion of the camp day. They will receive a recording of the song that is written later! 

  • Who Cares 2:06
  • We Expect To Be Respected2:54
  • Pretty But Imperfect3:17
  • The Can't Have Pizza Song3:29
  • Leopard Sea3:50
  • BBQ in July 3:55
  • Let's Rock n Roll 1:30