A typical Girls Rock Camp is a fun, intense, one-week summer camp where self-identified girls ages 8-18 can learn a new instrument, hone existing skills, form a band, attend educational workshops on empowerment, music, and social justice, write an original song, and perform that song publicly at the end of the week! It is a life changing experience at a time when access to music instruments and the opportunity to play them is limited. We also offer one-day "mini-camps" and some programs for ALL kids!
Our campers play with confidence and creativity. They spend most of their time playing one instrument, but they have many opportunities to try other instruments, too. Our campers express their creative individuality and they also learn how to collaborate with their peers.

"It was amazing to collaborate with other promising musicians my age!” Christina, a 16 yr. old camper 

We have special programs happening throughout the school year in various Alaskan communities. We can bring a free one-day family music workshop or a fundraiser concert to your town. You can also make a request for us to bring a special event to YOUR Alaskan community!

Rock Camps!

Special Events!

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Music Education!

Watch the stage performance by

The Last Minute Band from Haines, Ak.

​​GRCA is Alaska's first Rock Camp for Girls! We are a 501(c)3 Federal Nonprofit Corporation empowering a diverse group of campers through music education and performance. We are a registered business and charity with the state of Alaska and we look forward to bringing rock camp programming to many more of our Alaskan communities!

Mailing Address: Po box 231232, Anchorage AK 99523

Executive Director: ​

Girls should be seen AND heard!

Our Mission: 
​We create an empowering environment for girls of all backgrounds and abilities by using music as a medium to encourage creativity, collaboration, and individuality. 

  • Who Cares 2:06
  • We Expect To Be Respected2:54
  • Pretty But Imperfect3:17
  • The Can't Have Pizza Song3:29